Clifton In Conversation With...

Each month Clifton Property Partners will meet with a person or persons from a diverse range of industries including the world of architecture and design, property development, law, media and business. We will be identifying what living in Central London means to them as well as engaging them in, hopefully interesting and insightful conversation
Added: January 2020   |  Tags:  in conversation
Clifton in Conversation with Kath Archer, Andrew Paulson and James Jago from acclaimed Architect and interior design practice Lees Associates
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Added: September 2019   |  Tags:  in conversation
Clifton in conversation with Iain Johnson, Director, Head of Residential, International Design Group Allect
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Added: July 2019   |  Tags:  in conversation
Clifton in conversation with James Lentaigne, Creative Director of luxury bathroom company, Drummonds
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Added: June 2019   |  Tags:  in conversation
Clifton in conversation with Niccolo Barattieri Di San Pietro, CEO and Simon Edwardson, Head of Sales for property development company Northacre
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